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Moving My Pet

Moving Pets to a new province or new state needs an immense research and planning. So while you plan a move, be sure you have enough time at your hand for arranging the safe transport of pets. Here are few instructions which would help you with some precautionary measures and safety of your pets.

The Initial Preparation

• Decide whether you will drive or take a flight while taking your pet to the new destination. Be sure to make the needed arrangements way before moving pets may be a month before or so.

• Take your pet to the vet for a routine check up and inform the vet that you are moving with your pet. Inform him the date and time of your departure and request him let you know about the health records and documents that you need to carry. Don’t forget to ask about the concerns regarding safe transport of pets. If you have an older pet, then you need to provide him a couple of precautions. For example, the vet may suggest you to have your pet a heart check as well as blood work.

• Your vet should also provide you with a copy of your pet's health records or offer to send a copy to the new vet once you're settled. I usually ask for a copy, just so I have the records with me. If you're driving with your pet, you should always carry their records with you. Ask your vet whether he knows about any vet in your new destination or not? He can possibly inform you about a pet hospital out there.

• Check out the regulations of the state where you are planning for moving pets. Each state has its unique regulations related to the animal import. In order to prevent your self from being kept back at the border, ensure checking the rules and regulations prior to leaving. Often the vet can provide you information about moving pets, but it would be better if you check the state website for any sort of updates.

• Though most states carry out random searches, some states do check each and every vehicle that moves in. you may not come across any problems, if you have the papers ready with you. If you are taking your pet on a flight, a couple of custom officials may check safe transport of pets after you arrive at the airport.

Needed documents

• Interstate Health Certificate: Generally, this informs that your pet is free from any diseases and has had its essential shots. Ask your vet to prepare this document and find out that the state you are moving to needs it or not.

• Rabies tag: Almost all states need that dogs should have a rabies tag informing that they are free from diseases. In general, your pet should have rabies shot after three years. Ask your vet to provide this document and find out that the state you are Moving Pets to needs it or not.

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