Self Moving Service

So you are planning for a self move? Well that’s great…it will definitely help you to cut down your moving expenses. How? Well, by self moving you are definitely cutting down on your expenses of packing as well as unpacking. But, before you go for a self move, you need to check out on a couple of items. These are as follows-

Heavy gloves, a rental truck, packing boxes in multiple sizes, Rolls of tape, packing paper, Padlocks, Tape gun, Marker in order to mark the boxes, Box cutter knife, Paper and pen for preparing an inventory sheet

Well, this isn’t all…you need to also check out a few more things before self moving. These include-

Mattress covers, sofa, chair bags, rope, Styrofoam peanuts, shrink wrap plastic

For self moving, you need to rent a self service moving truck. In addition to this, you need to also rent hand truck as well as furniture pads. This simplifies your unloading as well as loading process. In addition to this, they also help in preventing your goods from getting damaged or lost. While loading the truck, you need to first load the biggest items such as furniture and appliances. Be sure to place the heavy weight boxes at the end and stack them in an even manner according to their weight. Do pack your truck slowly but steadily…start from the floor and then head on towards the ceiling. Make use of small boxes to fill up the gaps and do not shift any items. Be sure to lay the lengthier appliances such as sofas, mattresses and tables on their side. You can also tie them firmly if you feel it’s important. Keep mirrors as well as picture frames straight and ensure placing them in between the mattresses. While self moving, you may also tie up the mirrors and picture frames to the walls of the truck. Make sure you load the needed items towards the last, so that you don’t come across any problems while unpacking them after they arrive at the destination. Wait…wait…hold on…do lock the self service moving truck!

Check out a couple of tips on self service moving before driving the rental trucks. For instance, before leaving the destination, ensure familiarizing your won self with the gauges. Do take a look at the fluid level before moving to your new destination.

After packing as well as loading the goods successfully on the truck, you next step involves in driving to your new destination. Take slow and wide turns because they help you in managing a big moving truck. Don’t drive too fast if the weather is bad.

Check the mirrors from time to time, go for the turn signal if you are planning to change the lanes. Be sure to have sufficient time in your hand in order to make your self moving trip a real success. Don’t drive for more than eight and be sure to take routine intervals between your drive.

It’s hoped that these self moving tips will be of your help. Happy Packing!

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